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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in my healing session?

In your first session you will be asked to fill in a short form giving some details about current issues and concerns you may be experiencing. Some time will be given to discuss your needs and tailor the healing approach to your specific requirements . It is advised to have a 90 minute session initially to allow plenty of time for the healing after the initial consultation discussion.

In any subsequent sessions depending on whether you opt for a 60 or 90 minute session a short period of time is given to check in with how you are doing followed by the healing and some time given at the end to talk about your experience and discuss any aftercare.

Which energy healing should I choose, Reiki or Anusha?

Both energy healing methods are highly beneficial as previously discussed. You may find that you are drawn to try one method over the other without knowing why, this is your intuition guiding you so trust to that. In your initial and subsequent sessions we will explore what may suit your particular needs best and in fact both can be used together in one session.

I feel anxious about trying energy healing I am not sure how it will effect me what should I do?

It is normal to feel anxious and uncertain about trying something that may be entirely new and unfamiliar to you. I invite you to contact me and we can talk through your concerns and hopefully ease any natural nervousness that you may be experiencing. Having just one session to try it out and get a sense of how it feels for you is absolutely fine, there is no obligation to have any further sessions.

How much will it cost and how long are the sessions?

I offer a 60 minute session at £50 a session. This allows for around 15 minutes discussion time and 45 minutes of healing. I also offer 90 minute sessions at £75 a session. This allows for a more in depth experience to explore any issues or concerns and allows for a longer period of healing time. While not obligatory I suggest having a 90 minute session initially so that you have plenty of space to discuss any areas of concern and needs.

How many sessions should I have?

This is entirely your chose there are no set requirements. Many clients feel that having a number of sessions over a period of time either weekly, fortnightly or monthly brings greater benefits. This can be because as your body and energy field becomes familiar with the healing energies it becomes more receptive allowing for a deeper healing experience, this was certainly the case for me. However just having one session can be enough for some, it is entirely individual and I suggest trusting your inner guidance. Again this is something we can discuss as we work together and you will often have a much clearer idea at this point.

Can I have a healing session even if I do not have any particular concerns or issues?

Absolutely! Having an energy healing session or sessions is a wonderful gift to you! So often we forget to engage in supportive nurturing activities on a regular basis which help to nourish, replenish and support our vitality. We are always growing learning and developing as human beings and energy healing can support and uplift on so many different levels. As a healer I regularly give myself healing and seek the support of other practitioners when I feel the need.

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