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Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient energy healing method introduced by a japanese man called Mikao Usai at the beginning of the 20th century. Reiki is a Japanese word which means universal life force energy (Rei - universal, Ki - life force energy). An attuned Reiki practitioner channels this energy down through their body where it flows out of their hands into the client via gentle hands on touch or hands placed just above the body.

Life force energy flows through a number of energy centres (chakras) and a network of channels (meridians) through out the body. When this flow of energy runs low or becomes blocked in some way we can become more susceptible to illness and stress. While nobody knows exactly how reiki energy works it is considered to assist in restoring our life force energy and flow and to stimulate an innate self-healing response which then creates balance within the body and energy system generating and encouraging a deep sense of well being and relaxation.

Reiki is not diagnostic and does not claim to treat specific conditions, rather it supports the whole being, mind body and spirit complementing any on-going medical or psychological care. Reiki is safe, natural and suitable for all.

Reiki is experienced fully clothed lying comfortably on a couch or if preferred in a chair. The client is guided in to a relaxed state and the practitioner then gently places their hands in various positions on or just above the body allowing the healing energy to flow through their hands into the client. How you may experience the healing energy will be unique to you but many clients describe a feeling of gently flowing warmth through out their body while feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful.

Anusha Energy healing

Anusha healing is a high frequency energy said to flow from the stars. Anusha is the name of a star in Hindu astronomy and means "beautiful morning, the first rays of light at dawn". Patsi Hayes and Kate Pike channelled through this new healing energy and system between 2004 and 2008 with further healing symbols being channelled through up to 2013. In their words -

"Anusha is an exciting new energy healing system channelling the sparkling brilliance and scintillating energy of the stars. It enables us to come home to the wisdom within and ultimatey connect with and experience peace, calm, stillness and serentity in our lives."

Just like Reiki Anusha energy is channelled through to the client via the practitioners hands on or just off the body, In addition the Anusha healing system works with twenty eight symbols each of which address different issues such as anxiety or depression and also support and encourage certain qualities that might be needed such as empowerment, safety, peace. The practitioner will work energetically with the symbols which will best meet your particular needs, weaving them into the healing session.

As with Reiki you will be invited to relax fully clothed on a couch or chair, let go and simply receive the healing energy. Again Anusha healing energy is gentle and suitable for all, complementing other medical and psychological care.

Please note that it is not advised to discontinue any medication medical or psychological care unless directed by your GP.

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